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Health & Safety Tips on Using Water Blasting Equipment
Otherwise known as hydrojetting or hydroblasting, the term high pressure water blasting means the removal of surface material and contaminants by spraying pressurised (high velocity) water onto a surface. It not only removes old coatings and rust, but also eliminates deeply embedded crysta
Pressure washers are becoming increasingly popular
Pressure washers are becoming increasingly popular, especially so in professional cleaning applications. The choice of washer is dependent on whatit will be used for. This will also determine whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer.
The Use of High Pressure Water Blasting in the Construction Industry
Industrial strength cleaning applications are vital within the construction industry, especially in the eradication of dirt and other undesirable materials from structures and surfaces.
High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment
Combijet high-pressure water blasters series offer high-performance and a design optimised for heavy-duty use, which gives the operator the opportunity to solve a range of blasting tasks. Combijet's high-pressure water jetting equipment is designed for both industrial and for offshore use.
Cold / Hot & Cold Pressure Cleaners
Pressure washers are, nowadays, being used in an increasing number of professional applications. When choosing a pressure washer, application is the most important factor that will determine whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for rem
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Combijet’s industrial cleaning range is the best solution when working conditions and dirt type are extreme, dangerous or difficult to manage. They can be used in various industrial applications that are described in the current article.
Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting Equipment
Combijet Ultra High Pressure Jetter is very useful for any business that needs waterblasting equipment. Combijet reduces the overall cost of the operation, since overall hydroblasting project duration become shorter and also provides a cleaner surface to coat, resulting to longer lasting c

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