Hot & Cold Water Pressure Cleaners
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Cold / Hot & Cold Pressure Cleaners

Pressure washers are, nowadays, being used in an increasing number of professional applications. When choosing a pressure washer, application is the most important factor that will determine whether you need a hot or cold water pressure washer. 

Efficiency, reliability, safety and ease of use are the basic factors when choosing a professional product like a pressure cleaner. Based on these, Combijet has developed a cold water pressure washer line, designed to match, through high-tech products, perfect hygiene and clean with time / labour saving.
Combijet’s cold water pressure washers are distinguished by the Electric -driven JE10 (JE10-211), JE20 (JE20-1211, JE-2018, JE-2013) and JE60 (JE60-350JE60-500), and Petrol-driven JP (JP9-200JP13-250 and JP20-500). Standard equipment for all the above includes: gun with rotating coupling, lance with nozzle-holder, 5m power cable and high-pressure hose of 8m or 10m depending on the model. All machines have an ergonomic handle and tough wheels, ensuring that performance is not affected by the conditions.
Hot and cold water pressure washers
The hot water high-pressure cleaner is the best solution for tough or non water-soluble dirt removal. Hot water gives a powerful energetic hit when released into the cleaning equation. This energy leads to a reduction in the water’s surface tension, which allows water to penetrate into the molecules of grease and grime in a more effective way.
The Combijet series of pressure washers is suitable for different uses and ideal in several industrial sectors like agriculture, food industry and building construction. Hot and cold water pressure cleaners are excellent for washing tools, farm tractors, means of transport and heavy-building equipment like cement mixers, cranes, earth-moving equipments etc.
Combijet’s hot and cold water pressure washers are characterised by the JE30 series (from 120bar up to 300bar - models JE30-1211JE30-2013JE30-2018). Standard equipment includes exactly the same as for the cold water pressure washers. A single piece of polypropylene makes the machines resistant to impact and weather conditions, whilst access to the main mechanical components is very easy.


Applications of Pressure Washers
Dirt Removal - Eliminating dirt is the major use of the pressure washer in the residential application, but it can also be used for industrial plants on a much larger scale. The pressure cleaner (whether hot or cold water) can effortlessly remove dirt, even dirt that has been on the floors or walls, for months or even years.
Paint Preparation - Paint preparation and other chemical mixtures involve quick reactions. The immediate surge of water from the pressure washer ensures that the proper timing for mixing water with the other chemicals is achieved. Paint preparation is a dull process and pressure cleaners accelerate it with its pressure and speed rightly directed to the procedure.
Mold and Mildew Removal - The pressure washer does not just abolish dirt, but also mold and mildew that so easily get intertwined in the industrial facilities. In certain industries that high safety and sanitation standards are required, this is an extremely useful tool to invest in.
Vehicle cleaning - Delivery trucks and other means of transporting goods in an industrial plant are all subject to daily wear and tear. The most effective way to keep them clean is by washing them with a pressure washer at least once a week or month.