Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting Equipment


Combijet’s Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting Equipment offer the highest standards of build quality and reliability when it comes to water blasting. 


When operating conditions are really tough and extreme, Combijet Ultra High Pressure Water Blasters are the best solution, whether the application is offshore or onshore. Apart from being an environmental friendly blasting method, ultra high pressure hydroblasting equipment have an excellent cleaning results.

Ultra High Pressure Water jetting is the preferred method on projects where large amounts of abrasives must be collected and disposed. Several studies have shown that surfaces which have been water blasted with super high pressure water blasters like Combijet, are cleaner than those blasted using traditional solid abrasive methods.

Combijet Ultra High Pressure Hydroblasters are very useful for any business that needs waterblasting equipment. To begin with, Combijet will reduce the overall cost of the operation, since the overall hydroblasting project duration become shorter (which leads to reduction of the overhead expenses) and no costs occur for the removal, storage and containment of the media.
Moreover, Combijet Ultra High Pressure Washers provide a cleaner surface to coat, resulting to longer lasting coating. It is commonly accepted that surfaces that have been water blasted with super high pressure jetters have a significantly lower level of residual chlorides (salts) which allows better coating adhesion and longer life. Combijet also abolishes the possibility of media contamination that can potentially reduce the profits, such as grit contamination of turbines, compressors and deck equipment, sensitive and equipment with bearings. When it comes to speed, it has been already mentioned that, the total project time is reduced. Combijet ultra high pressure water blaster operates at such high pressure that leads to increased productivity. In general, Combijet allows immediate completion of work less mess (welding, inspection, repair and painting.)
The Combijet series of Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting Equipment consists of machines with working pressure from 800 bars up to 3300 bars. JE80 series with models JE80-800JE80-1000JE80-1300JE80-1500JE80-1770JE80-2100 and JE80-2500, along with JD90 series with models JD90-800JD90-1000JD90-1300JD90-1500JD90-1770JD90-2100 and JD90-2500 represent the range of Combijet Ultra High Pressure Washers.
JE80 series comes with 20m lightweight thermoplastic hose, 15m oil resistant electrical cable, trigger- operated gun, straight jet nozzles and one set of manuals, whereas each model of JD90 series includes 20m high pressure hose, operated dump gun, barrel lance with side handle and nozzle carrier with nozzle.
The Combijet Ultra High Pressure Water Blasters can be used for various applications in industries such as:


  • Aviation:  for removal of hydraulic fluids, rubber and grease from runaways.
  • Preparation industry: for elimination of paint, concrete, rust, marine growth, salts etc.
  • Distilleries: for cleaning of boiler tubes, vats, pipe lines and heat exchangers
  • Rubber processing industry: for removal of latex, SBR and product residues from tubes, pipes, heat exchangers, reactors and tanks
  • Foundries: for cleaning of deposits, removal of metal oxidation, ceramic & sand core materials
  • Power stations: for decontamination of fuel capsules, skips, tubes and equipment and for removal of debris
  • Marine & Offshore: for removal of paint, rust, marine growth on ships, deck, hull, tanks and cleaning of boilers, pipes, oil platforms etc
  • Metal Processing: for elimination of mill scale, weld slag and rust from drains, pipes and news vessels.
In addition Combijet is known of its reliability which is established through high quality materials which are pronounced for their long lasting performance. Combijet is in a position to meet any design specifications for bespoke or tailor-made solutions.

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