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Maintaining proper sanitation and cleaning standards are crucial for many businesses, particularly those within the food and hotel sectors.  Improper care could result in violation of a number of health-code regulations and legislation.  This means ensuring that stringent measures are put in place to ensure that proper cleanliness is maintained – diligently and continuously.  This often requires the use of the right cleaning equipment to ensure strict standards are adhered to.

For customers who want more than a low cost DIY cleaning machine, the Combijet JE10-1510 (up to 150 bar) with single-phase power is the ideal semi-professional use Electric Cold Water Pressure Cleaner.  It is the perfect choice for commercial use within a multitude of industries, in particular for deep cleaning purposes at restaurants and hotels and also for prewashing purposes at car washes.

The JE10-1510 has been functionally designed for comfort with an ergonomic handle.  It is also equipped with a 4-pole electric motor with thermal protection; three ceramic coated pistons; a brass linear pump head with built-in bypass valve; a ultra-high pressure hose and pressure regulator; a lance with jet nozzle; suction and delivery S/S valves; and a Total Stop feature (shuts off motor after a few seconds of non-use), making the JE10-1510 an exceptionally efficient and entirely complete cleaning device.

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Working Pressure (bar) 30-150 (max. 160)
Working Pressure (PSI) 435-2175 (max. 2320)
Flow Rate 5.75-9 lpm / 1.52-2.38 GPM
Pump Type MP3
Max. inlet temperature 40o
Electric Motor 3 kW / 4 HP
RPM 1450 @ 50 Hz
Power Supply
1 phase 230V 50Hz
Detergent Tank 3.8 l / 1 gal
Weight 33 kg / 72.75 lbs

Our Features


  • Electrical Motor: 4-pole with thermal protection
  • Three ceramic coated pistons, brass linear pump head with built-in bypass valve
  • Electric Cable – 5 meter
  • Ultra high pressure hose – 8 meter
  • Pressure regulator
  • Gun: Trigger operated
  • Lance with jet nozzle
  • Total Stop
  • Suction and delivery S/S valves
  • Detergent built-in tank for indirect suction
  • Glycerin pressure gauge
  • Accessory holder
  • Power cable holder
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Operator and spares manual