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The clean-up of places like car washes, service stations, vehicles, construction sites and public areas come with them their very unique set of challenges. The level of dirt can often be immense and so deeply entrenched into the surfaces of what needs to be cleaned that an industrial strength cleaning machine is required to do the job.

The Combijet JE20-2015 is a 3-phase Electric Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner Electric with a 250 bar pressure and 15 lpm flowrate, suitable for heavy duty cold water pressure cleaning. It comes equipped with a 4-pole electric motor with thermal protection and water cooling capability; full ceramic coated pistons; a brass linear pump head with built-in bypass valve; a 10 meter ultra-high pressure hose and pressure regulator; a lance with a straight jet nozzle; suction and delivery S/S valves; integrated detergent suction with suction probe, and a stainless steel trigger operated dump gun.

The JE20-2015 also has Total Stop functionality that shuts off the motor of this machine after a few seconds of non-use in order to stop the pump from running continuously and overheating; as well as mechanical temperature valve, pre-set at 45° C, which opens mechanically to release water and relieve the machine.
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Working Pressure (bar) 30-200 bar / 435-2900 PSI
Flow Rate 9-15 LPM / 2.38-3.96 GPM
Pump Type MPW5
Inlet max temperature 40o
Electric Motor 7.0 kW / 9.4 HP
RPM 1450 @ 50 Hz
Power Supply 3 phase 380-400V 50Hz
56 kg / 123 lbs

Electrical Motor: 4-pole with thermal protection and water-cooling

Full ceramic pistons, brass linear pump head with built-in bypass valve

Integrated elastic joint

Electric Cable – 5 meter

Ultra high pressure hose – 10 meter

Pressure regulator

Gun: Trigger operated dump gun stainless steel

Lance with straight jet nozzle

Low voltage and delayed Total Stop

Suction and delivery S/S valves

Integrated detergent suction w/ suction probe

Glycerin pressure gauge

Steel gauge and covers

Operator and spares manual